Don't buy NFTs!

2020-2021 became a huge excitement for everyone who associates themselves with WEB3 and NFT community! We got introduced to the new technilogy that is going to change the world. But wait... Excitement? Technology?

We think that this is not how we should use new technologies. We truley beleive that all of those projects is something that became a part of the history, but now It’s just a bug joke: people buying NFTs with cartoon monkey for hundreds of thousand dollars? Virtual land to build a virtual toilet for 200.000 dollars?

Okay, we're not going to do this. We’re going to change the way how It works.

Welcome to RE:Ukraine NFT platform!

Build a new home
for people who
lost their home

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    Why do I need points?

    Points increase your chance to get rare collectibles and win special prizes. If you join early and earn more points you can even earn extra rewards such as discounts or even free NFTs.

    When can I buy?

    The sale of NFTs will start right here on this website, so make sure you are on the shortlist to get notifications and early access.

    This is a charity project created by:


    Entire Framework

    Vlad Bobr

    This is a charity project created by:


    Entire Framework

    Vlad Bobr

    This is a charity project created by:


    Entire Framework

    Vlad Bobr

    This is a charity project created by:


    Entire Framework

    Vlad Bobr


    You buy an NFT house -
    We build it for people who lost their homes.

    • Public space

      Common area for people who leaves in re:Ukraine pilot town.

    • Family unit

      This unit can host family of 2 without kids.

    • Residential unit

      This standard unit can host 1 person.


    1 NFT = More than 100 people helped


    But it’s not only about the contribution. It’s also about the community!


    Become a part of UA supporters community...

    ...and find more ways to help Ukrainian people affected by genocide which russia started against free democratic nation.


    Volounteering initiatives

    Start new initiatives inside re:Ukraine community, pitch them to the team and get them implemented!


    WiP newsletter

    Work-is-in-Progress which means that can get the latest updates about the project progress with photos and videos from real locations attached. You can also apply the form to volounteer or visit the locations if you want.


    UA tech

    Ukraine is known as one of the most digitilized countries on the Earth. Stay tunned and get latest updates from Ukrainian Ministry of digitalization and latest news from UA tech community.


    NFTs for Ukraine

    Channel where you can get the latest news about Ukrainian NFT community and latest Ukrainian NFT releases. It’s also a huge opportunity to support and get yourself some cool piece.


    Track the progress

    Join our #track-the-progress Telegram bot → Submit the form → PROFIT!! From now on you’ll be getting automated updates on the pilot progress.


    Visit our offline community events

    Get an opportunity to visit one of the parties re:Ukraine NFT community doing both online and offline.


    Contribute to a monthly huddles

    Monthly huddles - our online token holders meetings where people are able to get the latest updates on the pilot progress and re:Ukraine systems global status.


    Get your NFTs customised

    If you want to get your tokens cusotmised - reach me out at with your company name and logo in SVG :)

    • Where will the houses be built?


      The houses of the pilot project will be built in the city of Vorzel, Buchansky district, Kyiv region. Google maps link.

    • How long can people stay in the house?


      The pilot project will be available as social housing for 18 months from the time people move into the homes. After this period, the houses and everything in them will be handed over to the Buchansk community. The community will dispose of the plot and houses according to needs.

    • How much does it cost to build one module?


      Our preliminary calculations show that the construction cost is $650/m2 without furniture. In the pilot project, the area of ​​the residential section of the apartment type is 439 m2, the communal section is 425 m2. Accordingly, the estimated construction cost is $285,350 for the apartment section and $276,250 for the utility section. The price may change due to the consequences of the Russian war against Ukraine.

    • How can I track the progress?


      We publish the main project news on our Instagram account and Telegram channel (in Ukrainian).

    • How can I contribute more?


      You can tell about us to the international community, we are happy to present the project at online conferences. Of course, you can always support the pilot project or the work of the team by contributing via the link.


    Who is in charge?

    Ukrainian architecture and interior design studio - balbek bureau has developed the project of temporary housing with a system of values and priorities to ensure temporary but dignified living for Ukrainians.

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